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Current Meeting status 

This Page will be Updated as Information is received.

See The meetings by Day tab for current updates 5/15/24.

NEW MEETING :  Zumbrota

Sunday August 27, 2023  at 6:00 PM

St Pauls Catholic Church, 749 S Main St

Walking Through the Big Book.


The Byron Friday Night (8pm) meeting is disbanding due to lack of participation we have been absorbed by other meeting in the area.


Women's Meeting in Zumbrota

Sisters in Serenity :Thursday at Noon ,  560 West 3rd Street,

Zumbrota 55992

AS of 8/14/22

We Agnostics: Starting 8/14/22 NO in person meetings

at the UU Church.  6:30 to 7:30.

 Monday 6:30  Zoom meeting   (Open meeting)  THIS MEETING WILL CONTINUE.

Zoom  Link:


Meeting ID#: 882-6880-0371

Passcode 12


Topic: Pioneer Women's Friday 5:30 p.m. Big Book

Time: Mar 27, 2020 05:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

        Every week on Fri, until May 29, 2020, 10 occurrence(s)

Topic: Pioneer Women's Saturday 10:30 a.m. -Topic Discussion

Time: Mar 28, 2020 10:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada) PW AA1030

        Every week on Sat, until May 30, 2020, 10 occurrence(s)

Big Book Autonomous 

Back to regular meeting !!

6:30 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church

This Page will be Updated as Information is received.

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