events listed below the district meetings

Meeting Schedule for 2022

January : 19th , will be a ZOOM meeting.

February:  16th will be a ZOOM meeting for now.

March :  16th will be a Hybrid meeting at Pioneer.  Start is 6:30 pm.

April : 20th Hybrid at T3 at 6:30 pm.

May 18th:  T3 , In Person Only 6:30 pm

June 15th:  Pioneer Club In Person 6:30 PM

July  20th : Pioneer Club In Person 6:30 PM

Aug T3

Sept T3

Oct 19th, Dodge Center,308 - 2nd NW

Nov 16th,  The Garage,  1765 Restoration Rd.

Events in 2022

Send in events for your group !

Fall Workshop

Dec 3rd @ T3  the SafeHabor Building

Topic will be " SERVICE"

AA Workshop 12.1.22.jpg
other events coming up: