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events listed below the district meetings

Meeting Schedule for 2024

January : 17th , Tradition Three, Safe Harbor, Hosted by Lake City Groups

February: 21st , Pioneer Club 

March :20th ,  Tradition Three, Safe Harbor, Hosted by the Peace Group

April 17th :  Tradition Three, Safe Harbor, Hosted by Tradition 5 from Kasson.

May  Tradition 3 Safe Harbor,  Hosted by District 1 Food at 6:00pm Meeting at 6:30.

June :  The Garage on 1765 Restoration Road, Rochester

July Cannon Falls , 123 N 3rd Street

August: T - 3 Walking Tacos,  Safe Harbor Building

September: Chatfield AA,  206 Filmore St. SE  Chatfield

October: Dodge Center AA,  Faith Lutheran Church



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