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NEW MEETING : 11/16/23

Thursday 7:00pm Pioneer Club 

"We Agnostics" Open Topic Meets in Back Room. 

NEW MEETING :  Zumbrota

Sunday August 27, 2023  at 4:00 to 6:00 PM

St Pauls Catholic Church, 749 S Main St

Walking Through the Big Book

AS of 8/14/22

We Agnostics: Starting 8/14/22 NO in person meetings

at the UU Church.  6:30 to 7:30.

 Monday 6:30  Zoom meeting   (Open meeting)  THIS MEETING WILL CONTINUE.

Zoom  Link:


Meeting ID#: 882-6880-0371

Passcode 12



Tradition III  IS having Cake Night the 1st Saturday, and IS having speaker meetings on the rest of the Saturday nights Open at 6:00 pm for Food & Fellowship Speaker at 7:00 PM

NEW  T3 has a website :

Directory is NEW 5/15/24

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